Project Description

WingIt aims to do for land subleasing what AirBNB did for property subletting. Allowing landowners to generate income from their vacant properties for activities such as Hunting, Fishing, Hiking, Camping, Mushroom Picking and more.  This is appealing to both landowners (who become hosts) and activity seekers (who become guests) as public land has become overcrowded for these activities.

Platform Features

  • Built for Scale

    Using current scalable technologies such as Kubernetes, GoLang, RabbitMQ, Redis and more combined with a microservices architecture WingIt is built for scale.
  • Profile Switching

    Being a Guest and/or a Host is done within a single login allowing for maximum ease of use.
  • GIS Integration

    Through GIS Integration onboarding properties as a landowner to become a host is simple.
  • Streamlined Bookings

    Bookings can easily be done with a securely stored to PCI-DSS standards credit or debit card.
  • Landowner Notifications

    Landowners receive notifications when their properties have been booked.
  • Guest Notifications

    Guests are notified when their booking is successful and receive special instructions the day before their booking is due to occur on how to access the property and any specific rules.