Bravvox Social Platform

Project Description

Bravvox, translated “Brave Voice” in Latin was conceptualized as an answer to Big Tech controlling the Social Media landscape and controlling what is proper for subscribers of that platform to view.  

Conceived as a solution that, utilizing a pioneering “Control My Content” feature, would allow subscribers to decide for themselves what content they are comfortable with the founders came to Centric3 with an idea but no concept of how to implement.

Taking into account the fact that the platform would need to be resilient against deplatforming our engineers knew we had to control the tech stack from top to bottom and set out to engineer a platform that could support hundreds of millions of concurrent users without leveraging platforms like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.

Web - Desktop

Mobile - iOS / Android App

Key Features

  • Scalability

    The product must be able to support 100 million users or more and millions of concurrent users at a time.
  • Security

    The product must be secure and underwent a third-party independent security audit from a global leading firm to ensure security.
  • Usability

    The product had to have a good user experience in order to ensure familiarity for users but a smooth and clean appearance that would resonate with all users.
  • Direct Messaging

    A direct messager is one of the most used tools within any social platform and was a must for Bravvox.
  • Mobile Applications

    iOS & Android applications with full support of all features within the application was a must.
  • Content

    All content types had to be supported - video, images and text as well as implementation of protocols that allow embedding of external content.
  • Machine Learning Content Moderation

    A full-scale end to end Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning platform that was capable of identifying objectionable content to be immediately removed from the platform while other content is categorized to be filtered based on individual users content settings.
  • Groups

    The ability to support Public & Private Groups that can be moderated and handle individual content posting and interaction within the group.
  • Events

    Events function exactly like Groups with time based constraints as well as RSVP statuses.