Facebook @Scale Digital Signage

Project Description

Building off the success of our OpenStack Digital Signage implementation our client came to us with the need for the use of Digital Signage at Facebook Events as well starting with the Facebook @Scale Event.  

Facebook added additional complexities with their version of the Digital Signage product including speaker photos, Hot Topics, intermission theming and end of day theming.  

The product has been used at numerous Facebook Events including @Scale which is pictured here.

Facebook @Scale Digital Signage
Facebook @Scale All Events

Project Challenges

  • Quick Turnaround

    The turnaround time had to be quick and with the integration of the speakers associated companies and profile images it was a challenge.
  • High Profile

    Facebook is a high profile client and thousands of people and journalists attend the @Scale events and with the signage on display (literally) it had to be perfect.