Core Competencies

Strategic Planning
A systematic and dynamic process undertaken with your organization to define its long-term goals and objectives and to develop a detailed plan of action to achieve them.
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Market Research
Understanding the competitive landscape can help guide clients to differentiating features and processes that can result in patents and increase company value.
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Platform Builds
A comprehensive and integrated set of software tools, services, and infrastructure that provides a foundation for developing, deploying, and managing applications.
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User Experience
A well-designed user experience ensures that users can easily and intuitively navigate through interfaces, accomplish tasks efficiently, and find value in the interaction.
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Social Platforms
These platforms provide virtual spaces for individuals or groups to connect, interact, and engage with each other with features like groups, direct messaging, content feeds, media sharing and user profiles - Centric3 has had the privilege of building several.
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Artificial Intelligence
AI techniques, such as machine learning and natural language processing, are utilized to enable software systems to learn from data, make predictions, and adapt to evolving user needs - see how we can apply AI to your project.
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Experiential software refers to applications or programs that prioritize and enhance user experience through immersive and engaging interactions. The Centric3 team has had the privilege of providing these experiences for companies like Disney & Facebook.
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Mobile Applications
Native mobile applications offer optimized performance, enhanced user experiences, and access to device features, contributing to higher user satisfaction. Their presence on app stores provides visibility, credibility, and monetization opportunities.
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The Centric3 Team has touched nearly every business vertical over 20+ years

Technology when applied correctly should be an asset to your business to make your life easier.  Find out how a results Centric philosophy can make your project a success.


Vertical Experience

  • Auto Industry

  • Compliance

  • Cryptocurrency

  • Digital Assets

  • Domain Brokerage

  • Domain Registrar

  • Enterprise e-Commerce

  • Entertainment

  • Experiential (Disney Parks)

  • Finance

  • FinTech

  • Firearms

  • Gaming

  • Government

  • Healthcare

  • Hospitality

  • Impact

  • Insurance

  • Lifestyle

  • Live Events

  • Manufacturing

  • Media

  • Outdoors

  • Politics

  • Real Estate

  • Social

  • Software

  • Solar

  • Sports

  • Technology

  • Travel

  • Web3 - Blockchain