Freedom Square

Centric3 Freedom Square Platform

Project Description

FreedomSquare aims to be a Digital Commonwealth for freedom-loving Americans to access News & Information, Podcasts, a Business Network, and a Resource Center rich in American history and key resources for sustaining our Liberty.

Conceived as a solution that would be a gathering place for all people to find news, podcasts, social content and likeminded businesses the founders came to Centric3 with an idea.

Taking into account the fact that the platform would need to be resilient against de-platforming our engineers architected and built a solution from the ground up using technologies like Kubernetes, GoLang, React, ReactNative, RabbitMQ and others.

FreedomSquare can be found online at and in both the Google Play and Apple App Store.

Web - Desktop

Mobile - iOS / Android App

Key Features

  • Scalability

    The product must be able to support many concurrent users without the benefit of AWS or Azure.
  • Security

    The product must be secure and underwent internal security testing with our DEVOPS team.
  • Usability

    The product had to have a good user experience in order to ensure familiarity for users but a smooth and clean appearance that would resonate with all users.
  • Mobile Applications

    iOS & Android applications with full support of all features within the application was a must.
  • Content

    All content types had to be supported - video, images and text as well as implementation of protocols that allow embedding of external content.
  • Machine Learning Content Moderation

    Machine Learning Content Moderation was added through an integration with an external provider to ensure the platform was safe for all users.